Time to reflect: Art as Therapy’s Empowerment challenge

It is an absolute pleasure working with young children purely because their outlook and perspective is so unique. They are typically focused on the moment; they express an exorbitant amount of joy for something we adults would deem unnecessary or merely dismiss. Since they have few expectations they innocently live in the moment, neither rooted in the past nor floating in the future. As we live in the age of distraction, precious moments slip by without us giving them a single thought. Engaging in art making gives you time to consider the inner emotional experience, to soak in the moment, to explore your intentions and through the process of reflection, to understand and connect with the self. In order to make a commitment to self exploration and pausing, I will be engaging in an Art as Therapy’s empowerment challenge; to create art with no expectation other than to be in the moment, everyday for the next 30 days. Please join this challenge if you would like and share your experiences with us. No artistic talent is needed, only simple materials required: a sketch book or paper, your favourite art making materials and a few moments of your day. Art making is incredibly powerful in that it can literally transform lives. It possesses the ability to change the very direction of our thoughts and motivates us to tap into our inner power. Happy New Year from the team at Art as Therapy.