Rapinder Kaur Registered Art Therapist Registered Psychotherapist

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Rapinder Kaur is particularly drawn to the concept of individual empowerment and how this process can lead to collective change. A Registered Psychotherapist and Art Therapist, activist and facilitator, she is fascinated with the idea of using art to disrupt traditional thinking and imagining new possibilities for engaging in the world. Her journey in the mental health field began at a very young age, when she would relish listening to her caregivers talk about the intricacies of the mind, its incredible power and during this time learnt ways in which she could understand her own mind. Her curiosity for the inner workings of the mind and her love for art and creativity led her on an interesting journey, during which she studied psychology, history of ideas and then Art Therapy. She graduated from Kingston University in England and the Toronto Art Therapy Institute in Toronto Canada. Rapinder strongly believes that art has the potential to change lives and often in profound ways. When words are not enough, people can turn to images and symbols to tell their story and in telling their stories through art, they can find a path to health and wellness, emotional reparation, recovery, and ultimately, transformation.

Rubi Garyfalakis Art Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist

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As an Art Therapist and Registered Psychotherapist, Rubi loves working with children, teens and adults using the creative processes of art and play to express emotions and find new ways of engaging with the world. Her attraction to the arts began very early - she remembers as a child feeling as if her creativity was a superpower that she could use to transform simple art materials into something new. While completing her undergraduate degree in art and psychology, Rubi saw how her two areas of study overlapped and how art could be used to communicate inner thoughts and feelings with the outside world. Through her own art making process she learned to use art as language to express emotions and make connections. This powerful experience led her to the career of art therapy where she could help others to tap into their creativity and use it to navigate life’s challenges. Rubi completed her graduate training at the Toronto Art Therapy Institute where she wrote a Master’s-level thesis exploring altered books as an art therapy intervention. She is a professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association and is a registered member of the College of Psychotherapists in Ontario. Rubi has provided individual and group art therapy in a variety of settings including community centres, mood disorders day treatment, school settings, a psychiatric hospital unit, addictions day treatment, and long-term care. These experiences have shown her that regardless of the setting, the creative process has the power to shift perspectives and create space to imagine new ways of being. Rubi works from a strengths-based, client-centred approach journeying with clients as they discover their own superpowers of inner strength and creativity. Rubi works out of our Orangeville office.

Liyan (ChrisB) Liu Art Therapist, Registered Psychotherapist

Liyan speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English. She holds a Master of Science degree in Art Psychotherapy from Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh, United Kingdom). She is a registered Art Psychotherapist in the UK, a registered member of the College of Psychotherapists in Ontario and she has professional membership with the Canadian Art Therapy Association.

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Liyan has over 7 years of experience working with children, youth and immigrants. She specializes in working with the immigrant populations experiencing anxiety, addiction, depression and behavioral issues. She has professional experience in providing individual and group art therapy sessions in a variety of settings including long term care facility, charity organizations, churches, schools and out-patient hospital units. Moreover, she also worked internationally to host art therapy workshops in China and South Africa. Liyan’s philosophy of practice is to provide a nonjudgmental, safe and private environment for clients to bring forth positive change and reach a holistic wellbeing through the lively process of engagement with art materials. Liyan runs the Art Therapy program at Peel Manor Long Term Care home in Brampton. 

Jane Kwon Art Therapist (Thesis pending)

Jane is a story-teller at heart with a strong belief that art can provide what words cannot, both as a window to a person’s struggles and as a road to healing oneself. Jane studied animation at Rhode Island School of Design and pursued studying art therapy at Toronto Art Therapy Institute. Her passion for creative expression and helping others has led to a career in Art Therapy. Jane has experience working with children who have faced challenges such as grief and loss, disruptive home environments, autism, and have difficulty with regulating emotions, socializing and transitioning between home and school environment, and also has experience working with adults who struggle with addictions and homelessness. Working with children and their families by journeying together through their struggles, is what Jane loves most about her job. Jane works out of our Milton office. 

Sandra Rojo Executive and Administrative assistant

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Sandra holds a Masters in Human Resources. Her main professional experience has been in the administrative area, she was part of the Human Resources team at the Four Seasons Resort in Punta Mita Mexico, her activities included coordinated the training / learning area in the Hotel. She co-founded one of the first offices that provides Human Resources & Accounting services in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (still operates in that city). Sandra was part of the first group of people in Puerto Vallarta to get a national certification that allowed her to provide training courses with official recognition from The Ministry of Labour and Social in Mexico. She also has a life coaching certification and a degree in Psychology. She is very passionate with all that involves administration task and always is willing to help others.