We love Art Therapy 

We feel we have the best job in world! What is our job? Well, we are assistants, who ensure that our clients have the right art or play materials to work with, we make sure there is a hot beverage, juice, cookies and or other snacks as required. We ensure the space is warm, inviting and comfortable so that our clients feel at ease and well looked after. We help facilitate the creative and emotional process but most of all we pay attention with an open mind and curiosity, providing our clients with the appropriate kind of support at the appropriate time. We don't have all the answers but we strongly believe that our clients do, so we work together to look for those answers, those special light bulb moments that shift the way a client feels about themselves and the world they live in. Our younger clients have playfully given us some job titles that we like very much, here are a few examples; The Craft Fairy, The Children's Whisperer, Glitter Therapist and The Cookie Therapist!