Olivia Ashworth

Olivia joined the Art Therapy program six years ago at the age of 91. Olivia loves to tell the story of how she became a prolific painter. She would play the organ for the artists in the Art Therapy program. One afternoon she was invited by the Art Therapist to join the group. She provided Olivia with a template, suggesting she could trace it, Olivia, who is always up for a challenge, remarked that this would be cheating. She asked the Art Therapist if she may try drawing and thus began her journey into a whole new world. Olivia became an integral member of the Art Therapy group and over the years she encouraged others to draw and paint no matter what their skill level or physical challenges. Art Therapy has allowed her to express her creativity, develop artistic skill, connect with others, reminisce about the past and engage in meaningful conversations about life. Olivia enjoys watercolours and particularly loves to paint flowers, horses and has a particular interest in the Japanese culture.  Despite recent difficulties with her eyesight she continues to paint beautiful art using her imagination as inspiration. Olivia’s journey into the world of art is a remarkable one. Olivia and her art work are equally inspiring. She reminds us that we are never too old to try something new, especially art! Discover the creativity within!

Photo Credits: Photography by Johanne http://photographybyjohanneblog.com