Autism spectrum disorder refers to a wide range of unique strengths and challenges that are influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Things like verbal and nonverbal communication, understanding emotions, and social interactions can be challenging for individuals with autism. Art therapy is often an excellent fit for individuals with autism because it focuses on nonverbal communication, incorporates sensory experiences, and actively invites new and different ways of engaging with the world. It’s a safe space where individuals can express themselves freely in a wide variety of ways, building confidence and self esteem. It also allows clients to practice social skills during sessions, and to develop a sense of themselves in relation to the world.

Art therapy can:

  • Offer a safe space where clients feel free to be and express themselves in unique and non-traditional ways without fear of rejection or judgement

  • Provide positive problem-solving experiences that can help to build self esteem

  • Create opportunities to practice social skills in a 1:1 context with the therapist

  • Build emotional awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Build non-verbal and verbal communication skills to support healthy relationships