At Art as Therapy we provide the following services:

·      Individual art therapy

·      Group art therapy

·      Family art therapy

·      In-service lectures

·      Presentations for professionals

·      Attendance at team meetings

·      Workshops and seminars

We believe in a holistic approach to care and highly value working as part of an interdisciplinary team. Should you or your child benefit from working with other experts or professionals, we will partner with you to make appropriate referrals and to find the resources you may need. If you’re already connected with other supports or organizations, we would love to join your support team and work together. 

We recognize that life can be very challenging at times, we cannot always control what happens in life but we can find a sense of empowerment in the way we respond to situations. At Art as Therapy we honour and validate your journey and experiences and by working together we can explore what your needs are.

We support individuals and families who may have been impacted by anxiety, anger, attachment difficulties, behavioural concerns, depression, domestic violence, developmental challenges, hyperactivity, low self esteem, life transitionslearning difficulties, loss, grief, trauma, separation or divorce, sexual abuse, or substance use.