Benefits of Art Therapy include but are not limited to:

·       Safe – art therapy provides a safe confidential space where clients can express themselves

·       Accessible – everyone is capable of creative expression, regardless of age, ability, or circumstance

·       Strengths-based – the creative process is all about making, changing, building and doing – it naturally and automatically taps into clients’ strengths and shows them what they can do

·       Positive – being creative and making something can often be enjoyable and can positively shift a client’s mood

·       Expressive – art is an excellent outlet for emotions and a great way to release energy

·       Empowering – through the art process clients can practice change in small ways, showing themselves that they have the strengths and skills to make bigger changes beyond the sessions as well

·       Playful – the art process often brings out a sense of playfulness, which can help clients to see things in new ways and can alleviate a feeling of “being stuck”

·       Practical – the creative process is a great way to build and practice skills that contribute to increased self esteem

·       Concrete – the art products created during art therapy sessions can be visual reminders of the therapy process and can help clients to internalize and remember what happens in the sessions

·       Mindful – when clients are making something they are present in the here and now. Art therapy can be an excellent way to practice mindfulness

·       Strengthening – Art therapy encourages verbal and nonverbal communication which strengthens connections between the left and right side of the brain – it essentially makes your brain stronger!